Ault Construction is the preferred subcontractor of choice for many firms throughout Central Florida and beyond. Our team works together to provide a professional atmosphere for you and your clients. With proven success in the construction industry since 1974, Ault Construction has risen to the occasion to meet deadlines, budgets, and quality control time and time again – making a difference in our community and in the construction industry at large.

With the assurance of daily communication and a level of professionalism to make your projects run smoothly, Ault Construction is a company you can trust to deliver top-tier work for every single job.

Ault Construction has also made safety a number-one priority on all projects, giving clients the peace of mind needed to operate in today’s safety-conscious environment.

Ault Construction has the experience you need to complete your projects on time and with quality you can rely on.

  • Our commitment of quality
  • Our commitment of professionalism
  • Our commitment of attention to detail
  • Our commitment of customer satisfaction
  • Our commitment of safety

You can rely on Ault Construction to complete satisfactory jobs in the follow areas:

  • Ault Construction understands that most tenant build out’s success is built on the scheduled open date.  Our experienced field supervision and office project management keeps your retail project on schedule so you can take advantage of your sales starting on the day of your open date.
  • Ault Construction has extensive experience building where ongoing day to day business is being conducted. Our field personnel will give the utmost respect these businesses, whether it by working at night if necessary or complete barricades to keep any unnecessary disruptions to your other tenants.
  • Ault Construction has worked on many governments projects. All employees are put through an extensive screening and background check which allows the access to these types of projects.  Ault also has experience with the government paperwork such as Davis-Bacon act, etc…
  • Ault Construction has a history of building medical facilities and understands the rigorous codes and policies that are required to provide a safe working environment. Ault is experienced working with lead board, sound board, oxygen lines, underground, etc… We know medical.
  • Ault Construction is a Christian based company and takes pride in saving and reduced costs for religious facilities also leading them through the complicated tax savings policies and burdens.
  • Ault Construction has built several chain restaurants and is experienced with the local codes and inspection process. Ault can walk you through the Ansul sytems, fire codes, etc.. Ault will guide you during the permit process and meet with the inspectors to help your pass each stage of this process.
  • Ault Construction has completed several grocery chains. Ault if familiar with open remodels and provides a clean, safe and quiet environment for the employees and customers.  We have all the necessary equipment and personnel to handle these kinds of projects.

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